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CodySafe Admin Pack

CodySafe Admin Pack Set of portable applications for system administration and maintenance portable applications, compiled to serve the needs of network administrators, computer maintainers and IT specialists. The suite is packed within CodySafe launcher, which makes it much more handy and convenient. The suite shall be preferably installed on a portable drive, which allows operation on any computer with no need to install any application. The main menu will automatically display most used applications, ranked according to the frequency

CodySafe Best menu for portable applications, management tool for portable drive and more

Simply the best menu utility for portable applications. Turn your USB flash drive to a computer-on-stick. You may add, manage and launch your portable applications with ease and comfort, manage documents, multimedia files and pictures. You can keep your disk healthy with the Drive Doctor and always know how much memory is used and available on your disk. These and numerous other useful features and options make CodySafe indispensable...

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7-PDF Maker Portable 1.1: One of the first available extravagate and powerful PDF Creator for USB-Sticks
7-PDF Maker Portable 1.1

Mobility today is important then ever! Portable applications are be right for mobile works. 7-PDF Maker Portable bridges a gap, because the program is one of the first available powerful PDF Creators for USB-Sticks and portable drives. 7-PDF converts a wide range of file and graphic formats on-the-fly to PDF and PDF/A-1. Includes also PDF-Hyperlink, Bookmarking, Image-Compressions, and a 128bit secured PDF Password- and Right Protection etc.

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App Starter Creator App Starter Creator (for x86 and x64 platforms)
App Starter Creator

App Starter Creator is a free program that lets you make starting module for your applications x86 and x64 under Windows platform. App Starter Creator is particularly useful for creating portable applications.

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prayayav3 1.1.97.

Portable Storage Devices.Carry your data files,settings and applications (such as Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, MSN) on a USB storage device or iPod. Run them on any PC - at home or at work.Keeps your personal information at your fingertips. Features: 1. Fashionable work and life. 2. Compatible with hundreds of software applications, nearly all popular applications included; 3. Extending interface allows end users to make their own apps portable; 4.

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Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6: Zentimo is a powerful external drive manager
Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6

It`s a USB device manager aimed to save time and extend user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and and other gadgets. It is a full-fledged tool to manage and save your portable drive data, it allows you to safely remove the drives displaying locking processes, has portable apps launch list, can automatically dismount TrueCrypt drives, lets you hide empty card reader slot drives, etc.

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Carry it Easy +Plus Protect, Backup, Sync your Data and Outlook to a portable storage device
Carry it Easy +Plus

Turn your portable storage device (e.g. USB Flash Drive, external HDD, iPod) into a powerful tool. Protect your data, backup or sync your Outlook, sync your files and internet favorites and compress all data to save space. With Carry it Easy +Plus you have all the tools that you might need ready on your storage device and you can use them on any PC. If you just go on vacation or permanently need to keep data on different PCs in sync.

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